4/15: Excited to say that this fall I’ll join Olof Sundin in co-coordinating a yearlong “theme,” In Search of Search and Its Engines, at the Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies at Lund University. Our project is is focused on the intersection between media & information literacies and search, search engines, and search-adjacent recommender systems. The research team includes Ana Nordberg, Cristian Norocel, Helena Sandberg, Annika Wallin, Robert Willim, and Kalle Åström, and we’ve confirmed long visits from Dirk Lewandowski and Francesca Tripodi so far. I’ll be continuing my work on algorithmically generated images as evidence and visual evidence as it moves between epistemic cultures. Along with our own research activities there will be a year of public talks, symposia, and other events. Hope to see you in Lund!