Alison Gerber

photo of alison I’m an assistant professor (universitetslektor) in the Department of Sociology at Lund University in Sweden. My research is focused on culture, science, and public life, with a special emphasis on new kinds of evidence: I study algorithmically generated images and emerging digital 3D methods for documentation, visualization, and analysis as they move between science and the law. From 2021-2025 I am leading a project called Show & Tell: Scientific representation, algorithmically generated visualizations, and evidence across epistemic cultures, funded by the European Research Council.

During the 2020/21 academic year I'm co-coordinating a yearlong “Theme” at the Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies with Olof Sundin. Our project, In Search of Search and Its Engines, is focused on the intersection between media & information literacies and search, search engines, and search-adjacent recommender systems. The team includes Ana Nordberg, Cristian Norocel, Helena Sandberg, Annika Wallin, Robert Willim, and Kalle Åström; along with our own research activities there is a year of public talks, symposia, and other events.

I wrote a book on art and work and love and money; you can check it out here and read a bit at the Stanford University Press site. Google Scholar is the easiest way to find up-to-date links to my academic publications, and I post open-access versions of most of them as well as working papers and preprints at SocArXiv. You can find some collected talks here.

I teach in the Department of Sociology and the Graduate School at Lund University, and a bit at the University of Tromsø / The Arctic University of Norway. Lately I’ve been teaching intro, qualitative methods & analysis, and social psychology + cultural sociology as well as a higher education pedagogy course in teaching qualitative methods with CAQDAS.

You can see a CV here, and find contact information here.

I hold a BA and BFA from the University of Minnesota, attended Critical Studies at Malmö Art Academy, and have MA, MPhil, and PhD degrees in Sociology from Yale University.