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Pamphlets for print and screen. New and old writing, updated periodically.*

* For the moment, I am posting working papers etc over at SocArxiv and letting this page rest a bit. SocArxiv is a great initiative and I am happy to contribute to it – check it out!

Open Book 010
The End of Theorists: The Relevance, Opportunities,
and Pitfalls of Theorizing in Sociology Today
Omar Lizardo
print / web

Open Book 009
Theory: Check Your Privilege
Julian Go
print / web

Open Book 008
Why is Culture Theory, and Demography Not?
Margaret Frye
print / web

Open Book 007
Whither Theory?
Claudio Benzecry
print / web

Open Book 006
The Use(fullness) of Theory
Stefan Bargheer
print / web

Open Book 005
The Tax Man
Alison Gerber
print  /  web

Open Book 004
The Meaning of Indeterminacy:
Noise Music as Performance
Joseph Klett and Alison Gerber
print  /  web

Open Book 003
The Audit of Venus
Alison Gerber
print  /  web

Open Book 002
Real, Not-Real
Alison Gerber
print  /  web

Open Book 001
The Library of Affecting Social Science
Alison Gerber and Matthias Revers
print  /  web


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5/24: Page proofs. It’s happening.



4/2: Uploaded a new working paper over at SocArxiv. Thanks again to the SocArxiv team for making this great repository happen.

3/31: I was surprised to find that my book happened on Amazon the other day, complete with twitter-egg cover image. I’m guessing this is what happens when the publisher registers the ISBNs? In any case, it’s happening…


3/15: Continues to be forthcoming.

“The Economic World Obverse: Freedom through markets after arts education,” also with Childress but this time in American Behavioral Scientist, hitting your screen and zotero library soon.

1/26: Is forthcoming.

“I Don’t Make Objects, I Make Projects: Selling Things and Selling Selves in Contemporary Artmaking.” With Childress in Cultural Sociology, hitting your screen and zotero library soon.

11/16: I’ll be heading to Stockholm University next week for a talk in the department of sociology. See you there if you’re in town.

11/10: Happy to report that the editorial board over at Stanford University Press has approved my manuscript and we’re looking at a Fall/Winter 2017 release date in the new Culture and Economic Life series. Hooray!


10/27: At grading sleepaway camp again with my colleagues from the Marknadsföring och organisation 1 course at Uppsala…


10/17: Thanks to Professors Apolonija Šušteršič and Sunniva McAlinden as well as an amazing group of students for a great week at KHIO!


10/4: Along with my normal teaching this fall (this and this), I’m happy to be heading to Oslo next week to teach a workshop on writing for artists I’m calling No More Arty Bollocks. Pretty much what it says on the tin.