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Open Book 010
The End of Theorists: The Relevance, Opportunities,
and Pitfalls of Theorizing in Sociology Today
Omar Lizardo
print / web

Open Book 009
Theory: Check Your Privilege
Julian Go
print / web

Open Book 008
Why is Culture Theory, and Demography Not?
Margaret Frye
print / web

Open Book 007
Whither Theory?
Claudio Benzecry
print / web

Open Book 006
The Use(fullness) of Theory
Stefan Bargheer
print / web

Open Book 005
The Tax Man
Alison Gerber
print  /  web

Open Book 004
The Meaning of Indeterminacy:
Noise Music as Performance
Joseph Klett and Alison Gerber
print  /  web

Open Book 003
The Audit of Venus
Alison Gerber
print  /  web

Open Book 002
Real, Not-Real
Alison Gerber
print  /  web

Open Book 001
The Library of Affecting Social Science
Alison Gerber and Matthias Revers
print  /  web


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1/26: Is forthcoming.

“I Don’t Make Objects, I Make Projects: Selling Things and Selling Selves in Contemporary Artmaking.” With Childress in Cultural Sociology, hitting your screen and zotero library soon.

11/16: I’ll be heading to Stockholm University next week for a talk in the department of sociology. See you there if you’re in town.

11/10: Happy to report that the editorial board over at Stanford University Press has approved my manuscript and we’re looking at a Fall/Winter 2017 release date in the new Culture and Economic Life series. Hooray!


10/27: At grading sleepaway camp again with my colleagues from the Marknadsföring och organisation 1 course at Uppsala…


10/17: Thanks to Professors Apolonija Šušteršič and Sunniva McAlinden as well as an amazing group of students for a great week at KHIO!


10/4: Along with my normal teaching this fall (this and this), I’m happy to be heading to Oslo next week to teach a workshop on writing for artists I’m calling No More Arty Bollocks. Pretty much what it says on the tin.

9/20: Anna Lund and I have been lucky to secure funding from the Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden at Linköping University and from Linnaeus University to invite researchers from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Scotland for a workshop with us in Växjö about the arts and cultural policy. Looking forward to seeing Torun, Erik, Håkon, Johannes, Lisa, Åsa, and Ian there later this week!

8/17: On my way to ASA in Seattle and looking very much forward to seeing y’all there. My paper, with Clayton Childress, is available here.

7/17: SocArXiv is a great new open access repository for social scientists with some amazing sociologists behind the wheel. I’ve started posting preprints there ahead of the full rollout, and so should you. Enjoy!


5/30: I am back from an amazing week at Bergmangårdarna, Ingmar Bergman’s summer estate, where thanks to an award from Uppsala University and the estate I was able to hole up and finish the damn book. It’s on Fårö, which is an island off another island, far far away. I am, it turns out, not allowed to show you any pictures from this really very magical and wonderful place, so I will simply leave this picture of a pile of wool that I found in the woods here for your enjoyment.