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* For the moment, I am posting working papers etc over at SocArxiv and letting this page rest a bit. SocArxiv is a great initiative and I am happy to contribute to it – check it out!

Open Book 010
The End of Theorists: The Relevance, Opportunities,
and Pitfalls of Theorizing in Sociology Today
Omar Lizardo
print / web

Open Book 009
Theory: Check Your Privilege
Julian Go
print / web

Open Book 008
Why is Culture Theory, and Demography Not?
Margaret Frye
print / web

Open Book 007
Whither Theory?
Claudio Benzecry
print / web

Open Book 006
The Use(fullness) of Theory
Stefan Bargheer
print / web

Open Book 005
The Tax Man
Alison Gerber
print  /  web

Open Book 004
The Meaning of Indeterminacy:
Noise Music as Performance
Joseph Klett and Alison Gerber
print  /  web

Open Book 003
The Audit of Venus
Alison Gerber
print  /  web

Open Book 002
Real, Not-Real
Alison Gerber
print  /  web

Open Book 001
The Library of Affecting Social Science
Alison Gerber and Matthias Revers
print  /  web


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3/22: There’s a thoughtful review of my new book in the Culture Section’s winter newsletter. Thanks to Whitney Johnson for taking the time to read and write about my work!

3/19: Was happy to present preliminary work on the Rädda Bildminnet project and plans for the future together with Landskrona Foto at a seminar on photographic preservation and access as part of the National Archives’ 400th birthday tour. Very roughly, our work includes a couple of interconnected projects, including the development of new digital search and discovery tools for digitized images and an investigation of photography as data and practice across disciplines in academic research. Get in touch if you’re interested in finding out more about what we’re doing or working with us!

3/15: Back from three days outside Oslo with the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme and their research fellows. Norway is moving towards its own “artistic research” model quite distinct from others, and it was an interesting meeting, with some really excellent work. Check out Bull.Miletic for an example of the kinds of things happening over there, or maybe go spend some time with Bjørn Erik Haugen’s work; pictured here, a lovely scratch-off postcard from Juliane Zelwies inviting participation in her research.

2/19: Heading to Baltimore for Easterns and very much looking forward to it. Come by and say hi at one of the two panels I’ll be a part of on Thursday the 22nd: at noon I’ll be on a pretty amazing panel talking about new work, and then at 3:30 we’ll do an author-meets-critics type thing about my book that came out just now – I’m pretty excited to hear what these folks think! Hope to see you there-

1/22: I did an interview about my new book with Dave O’Brien on the New Books Network. You can get it as a podcast, or you can stream / download it here. Hope you like it!

1/10: If you follow me on the sosh meeds you probably are aware that there was sort of a viral kerfluffle last month. If you got in touch with me at the end of December about something real, apologies for the fact that I probably didn’t see your message or respond, and give me another holler if you feel so moved.

12/1: New digs at Lund University officially occupied. It’s an old and odd place, and I look forward to finding out more about its nooks and crannies (pictured: Nasoteket, the museum of noses).

11/18: It’s official! Happy to say that I will be joining the department of sociology at Lund University and starting a long-term collaboration with the exciting + innovative Landskrona Foto on December 1.

11/3: Thanks much to the Centre Urbanisation Culture Société de l’INRS à Montréal for my very first author-meets-critics type event – and to Guy Bellavance, Jonathan Roberge, and Guillaume Sirois for their insights (and for plowing through the not-yet-released book). Special thanks to Jonathan for organizing, and to all the audience members that took the time to talk with me. Next author-meets-critics type thing will be a panel at Easterns with comments from Benzecry, Lena, and Mears. See you there.

10/24: I don’t speak French so this makes me feel crazy fancy, and I’m really looking forward to talking with all these smart folks about the work I’ve been doing for these past years. RSVP to Romuald, and I hope to see you there!