8/22: Two down, two to go. See you in Lund or Växjö in the next few days?

Also, conference organizers the world over, I write to alert you to the skills of crack team Nanna, Gitte, and Trine over at NCCPR. Not only did they put together a great conference – good people, good panels, good keynotes, good meals, good party – but there were little coffee breaks with diversions like contemporary dance and violists playing Erik Satie. NCCPR wins.

8/1: August is high season. Sociology of Market Microstructure workshop in NY, ASA, Work/Culture meeting, NCCPR in Copenhagen, Malmö, seminar in Lund 8/23, AKK nätverksträff in Växjö 8/26. See you soon?


7/17: Thanks to Joe, Ben, Doug, Lee, Christi, Clayton, Lee, Ryan, Ryann, and Sorcha from the work/culture group for a great meeting in Boston.

Next up: party at ASA. See you then!

6/22: Would like to be on the record as an advocate for a Ministry of Fact Checkery, which I would be very happy to fund with tax dollars. Bracketing the politics to the extent possible, I LOVE this kind of thing (and this), including the comments sections. Given that academic scientists get little credit for fact checking and reproducing studies (with some notable exceptions), we probably ought to have a few more institutional homes for such work outside of the academy. Philip Cohen, je t’aime.


6/17: Just enjoyed: MMM 10th anniversary extravaganza. Construct charades were played by all and I can’t tell you how generous these people are. On my way to ECE in Toronto – see you there?

Photo credit, lakeside porch at night, to Monique. The MMM was amazing, as always.


4/25: Will be talking, listening, and eating at the upcoming CCS conference. See you there!


3/24: Thanks to Joe, Ben, Julia, Doug, Yingyao, Tom, Andy, and Carolyn from the work/culture group for a great first meeting!

See you all soon..

Is forthcoming.

With Klett in Cultural Sociology, hitting your screen and zotero library at some point in the future.

Jim Scott’s excellent Tanner Lecture is now available online. A couple of years back a peek at the colophon of Elaine Scarry’s On Beauty and Being Just revealed that it was originally a Tanner Lecture; the collected lectures are worth a look whenever your brain could use some shaking.

I’ll be at Lisa Cooley in New York on February 4 speaking together with Joseph del Pesco about artworks, art work, and art as work. See you there – 6pm at 107 Norfolk Street.