Is forthcoming.

With Klett in Cultural Sociology, hitting your screen and zotero library at some point in the future.

Jim Scott’s excellent Tanner Lecture is now available online. A couple of years back a peek at the colophon of Elaine Scarry’s On Beauty and Being Just revealed that it was originally a Tanner Lecture; the collected lectures are worth a look whenever your brain could use some shaking.

I’ll be at Lisa Cooley in New York on February 4 speaking together with Joseph del Pesco about artworks, art work, and art as work. See you there – 6pm at 107 Norfolk Street.

1/2013: Later this month, I’ll be talking / listening / eating at this year’s CCR conference, “The Location of Meaning, the Meaning of Location.” I’m in an afternoon panel on work, labor, and values.

See you there.

11/2012: Update: Hurricane Sandy = I didn’t make it. Sorry to those that I missed. See you next year in Chicago. I’ll be at SSHA again this year, one of my favorite conferences, talking about my research. My panel’s on the 2nd – see you there.


The keynotes at the conference in Vienna were great, and since I don’t read French I especially appreciated the opportunity to see Nathalie Heinich give the opening plenary. If you feel like geeking out, the conference organizers have uploaded the lectures. Enjoy.

9/2012: Heading to Vienna for the European Research Network on Sociology of the Arts conference. I’m presenting on the 5th, talking about changing valuation in the arts and on this summer’s research. See you there.

6/2012: Heading to the Summer Institute in New Economics, hosted by Juliet Schor at the Boston College Department of Sociology. You can read more about it, and about the project of new economics generally, here.

Road trip.

This summer I’ll be travelling around talking to people. If I’ll be talking to you, I look forward to meeting you! If you’d like to talk, get in touch. See you all soon.

MSP / Midwest : 5/23 – 6/12
SFO / Northern CA : 7/5 – 7/19
LAX / Southern CA : 7/19 – 7/28
MSY / South : 8/8 – 8/18

May 17-19, I’ll be at the May Meaning Meeting, hosted this year by Yale but held in a yurt in the mountains.

Very excited. Link: MMM