6/2012: Heading to the Summer Institute in New Economics, hosted by Juliet Schor at the Boston College Department of Sociology. You can read more about it, and about the project of new economics generally, here.

Road trip.

This summer I’ll be travelling around talking to people. If I’ll be talking to you, I look forward to meeting you! If you’d like to talk, get in touch. See you all soon.

MSP / Midwest : 5/23 – 6/12
SFO / Northern CA : 7/5 – 7/19
LAX / Southern CA : 7/19 – 7/28
MSY / South : 8/8 – 8/18

May 17-19, I’ll be at the May Meaning Meeting, hosted this year by Yale but held in a yurt in the mountains.

Very excited. Link: MMM

W.A.G.E. will release the results of their survey at Artists Space’s new “Books + Talks” space April 20, and I will be talking a bit. Read about W.A.G.E. here. See you there.