10/4: Along with my normal teaching this fall (this and this), I’m happy to be heading to Oslo next week to teach a workshop on writing for artists I’m calling No More Arty Bollocks. Pretty much what it says on the tin.

9/20: Anna Lund and I have been lucky to secure funding from the Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden at Linköping University and from Linnaeus University to invite researchers from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Scotland for a workshop with us in Växjö about the arts and cultural policy. Looking forward to seeing Torun, Erik, Håkon, Johannes, Lisa, Åsa, and Ian there later this week!

8/17: On my way to ASA in Seattle and looking very much forward to seeing y’all there. My paper, with Clayton Childress, is available here.

7/17: SocArXiv is a great new open access repository for social scientists with some amazing sociologists behind the wheel. I’ve started posting preprints there ahead of the full rollout, and so should you. Enjoy!


5/30: I am back from an amazing week at Bergmangårdarna, Ingmar Bergman’s summer estate, where thanks to an award from Uppsala University and the estate I was able to hole up and finish the damn book. It’s on Fårö, which is an island off another island, far far away. I am, it turns out, not allowed to show you any pictures from this really very magical and wonderful place, so I will simply leave this picture of a pile of wool that I found in the woods here for your enjoyment.


5/18: At MMM 2016, ever grateful for this community, and staying in a house dedicated to Gregory Bateson. If you haven’t already, please do take a look at Steps to an Ecology of Mind.

3/30: Yes, it’s kind of an unnecessary detour, but I am very much enjoying reading Renaissance artists’ letters.

“There is no profession – among those that the Most High, in order to manifest His Divine Omnipotence, has infused into the minds of men – in which you may expect less happiness and contentment than in painting. For a painter, before he can attain even a moderate degree of perfection, has to submit to so many drudgeries and toils, that they exceed human credibility. Nor, after so much sweating, may he expect even a little applause unless some wind of favorable fortune turns up to blow him into the harbor. Wherefore it often happens that his life ends in misery and want.”


3/11: At the Swedish biennial sociology conference parties are in castles and there is always assigned seating like at a wedding. There were also songs about sociology and sociology-themed stand-up, including a complicated joke about birth rates that involved puns on letting sleeping dogs lie and kicking a man when he’s down. Demography jokes.

1/21: Together with Anna Lund and Hedvig Gröndal I’m organizing the cultural sociology panels for this year’s Sociologidagarna. Pierre-Michel Menger is one of the keynotes, which is probably gonna be amazing. Get yr abstracts in on time.


1/15: Thanks so much to Art League Houston and especially to Carrie Schneider and Jennie Ash for making Deal or No Deal happen at Charge 2016! A special tip of the hat to Autumn Knight, Stephanie Saint Sanchez, and Cassie Thornton for letting me interview them onstage and for baring their souls; to Kenneth Bailey for his work as the twenty lovely ladies; and to all of the contestants.