1/4: Happy new year! This January I’ll be moving around a bit more than usual – maybe I’ll see you at the second CHARGE convening at Art League Houston? Or maybe at the conference on global art markets in Amsterdam?


10/7: In Florence for the 4th European Colloquium on Culture, Creativity, and Economy, where I’ll talk about a paper Clayton and I are working on about artistic autonomy.


9/23: On my way home from an amazing convening at Hand-in-Glove. Thanks to everyone, most especially Shanai Matteson and Colin Kloecker from Works Progress, Lacey Prpić Hedtke from the Soap Factory, and my copanelists Lisa Dent, Wing Young Huie, and Lise Soskolne / WAGE. If you missed it, you can watch the panels here, and Common Field is now a real thing that you should check out. Hope to see you all soon.

9/15: I’m getting ready and getting excited for Hand-in-Glove later this week. There’s a reading list if you feel like getting bookish for the next few days (see if you can spot my recommendations! fun party game!). And there’s a little something that I wrote about art, which you can find here below the editorial statement. See you at the Soap Factory soon.

9/1: This fall I’ll be teaching on a couple of new courses: An introduction to the social analysis of economy and organization in a new interdisciplinary master’s program that’s a collaboration between economic sociology, economic geography, economic history, and business studies; marketing and organization 1 in the business studies department; and economic geography in my own department. Onwards!

8/30: Joe and I wrote a paper. It was just nominated for the SAGE Prize for Innovation and Excellence. Better read it while it’s hot.

8/26: Morgan Mercer asked Works Progress, Sean Sherman, and me 77 questions about Hand-in-Glove, a convening on the contexts and conditions of artist-led culture across the country that will meet this September in Minneapolis. You can read her interview, complete with lovely portraits, here. Hope to see you at the Soap Factory.

8/26: A paper by Clayton Childress and myself on the uses of a useless credential (the MFA in creative writing) is now available at Professions and Professionalism for you to enjoy.


7/27: I wrote a review of Menger’s Economics of Creativity and it’s out now in Organization Studies here. Hit me up if you can’t see it.

*Midway through I talk about a movie. Not sure how the typo / film renaming thing happened; never saw page proofs. I’ve asked them to fix it in the online version.


7/2: in Athens for EGOS (above, philosopher Alexander Nehamas on velvet elvises). Hope to see you here or at ASA / JTS in Chicago later this summer.