9/1: This fall I’ll be teaching on a couple of new courses: An introduction to the social analysis of economy and organization in a new interdisciplinary master’s program that’s a collaboration between economic sociology, economic geography, economic history, and business studies; marketing and organization 1 in the business studies department; and economic geography in my own department. Onwards!

8/30: Joe and I wrote a paper. It was just nominated for the SAGE Prize for Innovation and Excellence. Better read it while it’s hot.

8/26: Morgan Mercer asked Works Progress, Sean Sherman, and me 77 questions about Hand-in-Glove, a convening on the contexts and conditions of artist-led culture across the country that will meet this September in Minneapolis. You can read her interview, complete with lovely portraits, here. Hope to see you at the Soap Factory.

8/26: A paper by Clayton Childress and myself on the uses of a useless credential (the MFA in creative writing) is now available at Professions and Professionalism for you to enjoy.


7/27: I wrote a review of Menger’s Economics of Creativity and it’s out now in Organization Studies here. Hit me up if you can’t see it.

*Midway through I talk about a movie. Not sure how the typo / film renaming thing happened; never saw page proofs. I’ve asked them to fix it in the online version.


7/2: in Athens for EGOS (above, philosopher Alexander Nehamas on velvet elvises). Hope to see you here or at ASA / JTS in Chicago later this summer.


6/11: Happy to say that’s my signature on an advance contract from Stanford for a book based on my dissertation research!

4/28: Later this week I’ll be at the Yale Center for Cultural Sociology’s annual conference, where I’ll comment on papers by Andy Cohen and HÃ¥kon Larsen. See you there.

2/22: Heading to Easterns this week. I’ll be presenting on a great panel with talks by Steven Dubin, Cara Zimmerman, Anne Bowler, and myself and comments from Vera Zolberg on Saturday at 3:30. Hope to see you there.


2/2: First day of work – for the next couple of years I’ll be a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Social and Economic Geography at Uppsala University. The ceiling outside of my office is International Klein Blue, which I choose to accept as a sign of good things to come.