10/10: Big day today. W.A.G.E. certification is live! Why? Because W.A.G.E. does not accept ambivalence or ambiguity as conditions for determining rates of pay, and because W.A.G.E. demands payment for making the world more interesting. I was lucky to be a part of the W.A.G.E. summit a while back and am really happy and proud to see certification go live – just in time for your next exhibition, maybe? Find out how much you ought to get paid here with the handy fee calculator, learn more about certification here, and send Artists Space a friendly e-mail congratulating them on their W.A.G.E. certification.  W.A.G.E. is also running its first fundraiser to help pay their dedicated organizers a living wage, so if you feel so moved make a tax-deductible donation here. Congratulations, everyone!

wage certified

5/24: Page proofs. It’s happening.



4/2: Uploaded a new working paper over at SocArxiv. Thanks again to the SocArxiv team for making this great repository happen.

3/31: I was surprised to find that my book happened on Amazon the other day, complete with twitter-egg cover image. I’m guessing this is what happens when the publisher registers the ISBNs? In any case, it’s happening…


3/15: Continues to be forthcoming.

“The Economic World Obverse: Freedom through markets after arts education,” also with Childress but this time in American Behavioral Scientist, hitting your screen and zotero library soon.

1/26: Is forthcoming.

“I Don’t Make Objects, I Make Projects: Selling Things and Selling Selves in Contemporary Artmaking.” With Childress in Cultural Sociology, hitting your screen and zotero library soon.

11/16: I’ll be heading to Stockholm University next week for a talk in the department of sociology. See you there if you’re in town.

11/10: Happy to report that the editorial board over at Stanford University Press has approved my manuscript and we’re looking at a Fall/Winter 2017 release date in the new Culture and Economic Life series. Hooray!


10/27: At grading sleepaway camp again with my colleagues from the Marknadsföring och organisation 1 course at Uppsala…


10/17: Thanks to Professors Apolonija Šušteršič and Sunniva McAlinden as well as an amazing group of students for a great week at KHIO!


10/4: Along with my normal teaching this fall (this and this), I’m happy to be heading to Oslo next week to teach a workshop on writing for artists I’m calling No More Arty Bollocks. Pretty much what it says on the tin.